Monday, January 5, 2009

Lets Get Organized in 2009!

I am going to continue to give tips for organizing throughout this new year. I would love to hear from you on your current project or process. Feel free to ask questions or just share. I would also enjoy it if you would share some tips/ideas that have worked for you.

Here are a couple of things I use to keep the entry way clear and organized. Both the coat/backpack hanger and the shoe rack were both purchased at IKEA. We don't have very much space in the entryway but these two items have helped tremendously. To reduce the amount of shoes/coats I only put out the ones that are used daily. The rest of the shoes go in the bin in the garage and the extra coats get hung in the coat closet.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

Wow, 2009 is here and again I am thinking about & listing some resolutions/goals for this new year. I even went so far as to type and print them out so I can post it on my mirror. Ya know, if you are at all like me usually one of two things happen...

  • Either I completely forget my goals by week 2 or 3
  • or I assess the situation and realize that I have already failed so I throw in the towel.

Usually, for me, I have too high of expectation or I fail to look at the practical ways/steps to achieve those goals.

Often times I even con myself into thinking that if I just desire something or want something to happen (like lose weight) that it will somehow miraculously happen! WRONG- no matter what it will take and require hard work.

In order to keep working/running toward our goal we need to have our FOCUS on the goal. It will take time/effort/energy/sweat/& possibly tears but isn't it worth it! Think of the health, happiness, peace, growth (whatever it is for you) that will be attained!

Helpful ideas:

  • surround yourself with people who will support you and encourage you along the way
  • seek the Lord's direction/guidance and pray for Him to provide you with the needed vision/strength/motivation/patience/endurance/perseverance
  • look for the lessons He may be trying to teach you this year
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help! It is not a sign of weakness. We all need one another!
  • Don't bite off more than you can chew. Sometimes breaking a big goal into smaller ones is less overwhelming and intimidating.
  • Practice positive self talk. Stop the negative thoughts immediately and exchange them for positive thoughts.

Take care of yourself & each other,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Snow in our "neck of the woods". Beautiful SNOW!

As you are bundling up your family to go out and play you are either frantically trying to find all of the snow gloves, hats, bibs, socks, boots....or you are grabbing your bin or bag of snow attire. I am embarrassed to say that I grabbed the backpack full of kids attire but forgot to put my things in it last time I used them. So there I was scrounging through my closet, while everyone waited outside, looking to find my hat and gloves. Ugh!
Tip #1 Put all of the hats, gloves, scarves, ear muffs, & snow pants/bibs in one bin and label it. You will be so glad you did the next time you need them (I know I will!) After using them, hang them to dry and when totally dry place them back in the bin.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It is December 2nd and Christmas is right around the corner! Here are a few ideas to help get or stay organized this month.

1. Go through your kids toys/clothing and donate to a charity or give as hand-me-downs. This will make some space for new items they will receive during the holidays. This is not a bad idea for adults as well. Having kids be a part of this process is a good idea.

2. Put away all thanksgiving/harvest decor. Arranging them in a specific bin and labeling it is a great way to keep it all together. This will make is very easy to find next year & will clear the house for Christmas/Winter decor.

3. If you are like me I can get a little stressed this time of year. So many fun events and activities but it can get overwhelming. Often times I start to panic around mid-afternoon as I think, "What are we going to have for dinner?" To help with this I have started to plan out a week of meals. I will sit down on Sunday and plan it out. First, I look at the food we have. Second, I write down a menu (the kids love being involved in this!). Third, I write a list of items I will need to buy at the store and have it in my purse. This way I won't forget an item.
* I bought a new crockpot on Black Friday and love how easy it is to get dinner in the crockpot in the morning. There are wonderful crockpot recipes on the internet!
* Making a big dinner also helps the next day. I pack leftovers in my husbands lunch. This is much easier than making a sandwhich at 5:30 a.m.

4. As many of us do, especially this time of year, we can get overwhelmed with events. They are all fun and we want to be a part of everything, right? We shouldn't feel like we have to say yes to everything. I have learned over the years to not overbook our family. We all end up overtired, irritable, and burnt out. Pick and choose a few fun activities/events to attend. Then enjoy being at home having relaxing time playing a game, making homemade cookies, or snuggling up with some good books.

5. Write out a list of the people you will be buying a gift for this season. Keep it in your purse or wallet so that you always have it with you. As ideas come to mind write those things next to the persons name. This makes it much easier when it comes to shopping. This will cut down on repeated trips to stores to retrieve forgotten items. Just mark the name with a check when you are done buying for a particular person. Another great idea is to shop online. Many stores are offering free shipping and it less stressful than hitting the mall with kids in tow. It also will save you gas money. Who doesn't love the idea of sitting at home in pajamas, coffee in hand, getting gift shopping done online??

Take care of yourself & each other,

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Process

Here is a general outline of the process I use in helping others with organizing/decluttering:

1) You call me (503) 516-7026 or email me at We set up an initial visit which is when a "needs assessment" is completed.

2) Needs Assessment (free)- Allow 1 hour for this meeting. We complete a questionairre which will allow me to learn of your vision for the space, what is working/not working currently, your possible concerns/fears, and more. This is an information gathering time. From this meeting we set up a work session.

3) Session- Usually a 3-6 hour organizing work session that has been predetermined. Depending on the project there could be one session or multiple sessions.

4)Follow-up Visit (free)- We set up a time for me to come back usually about 2 weeks after the last session. The primary purpose of this is to make sure that the organizing system is working for you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Need Help?

Are you moving soon and need to organize things prior to boxing them up?
Are you downsizing and need help to declutter and decide what to keep and what to donate? Are you selling and need assistance getting your home in "seller condition"?
Are you moving in and desire for things to be put away in an organized manner?
Are you feeling overwhelmed with a big or small organizing project?
Are you running a small business out of your home and need help maximizing your work space for better efficiency?
Do you find that you are losing items frequently?
Do you feel peace when you walk into your home or do you feel stressed because of
Do you find that taking on an organizing project or decluttering is less intimidating when someone else can come take it on with you?
Do you know of someone who is elderly, is injured, is fighting an illness, or in any way unable to physically or mentally free up their space of clutter?

I can help!

There is something about decluttering, organizing, and simplifying that brings peace to our souls. Our lives are so busy and often times we just need a helping hand to tackle a small or large task. I am completely nonjudgemental and all of my services are completely confidential and professional.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so excited to officially introduce my new Home Organizing business! This blog will allow me to inform people about the services I provide, to share before/after pictures of work I've done, & pass on helpful organizing tips. Thanks for coming by and taking a peak!


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