Monday, November 17, 2008

The Process

Here is a general outline of the process I use in helping others with organizing/decluttering:

1) You call me (503) 516-7026 or email me at We set up an initial visit which is when a "needs assessment" is completed.

2) Needs Assessment (free)- Allow 1 hour for this meeting. We complete a questionairre which will allow me to learn of your vision for the space, what is working/not working currently, your possible concerns/fears, and more. This is an information gathering time. From this meeting we set up a work session.

3) Session- Usually a 3-6 hour organizing work session that has been predetermined. Depending on the project there could be one session or multiple sessions.

4)Follow-up Visit (free)- We set up a time for me to come back usually about 2 weeks after the last session. The primary purpose of this is to make sure that the organizing system is working for you.



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