Friday, November 14, 2008

Need Help?

Are you moving soon and need to organize things prior to boxing them up?
Are you downsizing and need help to declutter and decide what to keep and what to donate? Are you selling and need assistance getting your home in "seller condition"?
Are you moving in and desire for things to be put away in an organized manner?
Are you feeling overwhelmed with a big or small organizing project?
Are you running a small business out of your home and need help maximizing your work space for better efficiency?
Do you find that you are losing items frequently?
Do you feel peace when you walk into your home or do you feel stressed because of
Do you find that taking on an organizing project or decluttering is less intimidating when someone else can come take it on with you?
Do you know of someone who is elderly, is injured, is fighting an illness, or in any way unable to physically or mentally free up their space of clutter?

I can help!

There is something about decluttering, organizing, and simplifying that brings peace to our souls. Our lives are so busy and often times we just need a helping hand to tackle a small or large task. I am completely nonjudgemental and all of my services are completely confidential and professional.



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