Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It is December 2nd and Christmas is right around the corner! Here are a few ideas to help get or stay organized this month.

1. Go through your kids toys/clothing and donate to a charity or give as hand-me-downs. This will make some space for new items they will receive during the holidays. This is not a bad idea for adults as well. Having kids be a part of this process is a good idea.

2. Put away all thanksgiving/harvest decor. Arranging them in a specific bin and labeling it is a great way to keep it all together. This will make is very easy to find next year & will clear the house for Christmas/Winter decor.

3. If you are like me I can get a little stressed this time of year. So many fun events and activities but it can get overwhelming. Often times I start to panic around mid-afternoon as I think, "What are we going to have for dinner?" To help with this I have started to plan out a week of meals. I will sit down on Sunday and plan it out. First, I look at the food we have. Second, I write down a menu (the kids love being involved in this!). Third, I write a list of items I will need to buy at the store and have it in my purse. This way I won't forget an item.
* I bought a new crockpot on Black Friday and love how easy it is to get dinner in the crockpot in the morning. There are wonderful crockpot recipes on the internet!
* Making a big dinner also helps the next day. I pack leftovers in my husbands lunch. This is much easier than making a sandwhich at 5:30 a.m.

4. As many of us do, especially this time of year, we can get overwhelmed with events. They are all fun and we want to be a part of everything, right? We shouldn't feel like we have to say yes to everything. I have learned over the years to not overbook our family. We all end up overtired, irritable, and burnt out. Pick and choose a few fun activities/events to attend. Then enjoy being at home having relaxing time playing a game, making homemade cookies, or snuggling up with some good books.

5. Write out a list of the people you will be buying a gift for this season. Keep it in your purse or wallet so that you always have it with you. As ideas come to mind write those things next to the persons name. This makes it much easier when it comes to shopping. This will cut down on repeated trips to stores to retrieve forgotten items. Just mark the name with a check when you are done buying for a particular person. Another great idea is to shop online. Many stores are offering free shipping and it less stressful than hitting the mall with kids in tow. It also will save you gas money. Who doesn't love the idea of sitting at home in pajamas, coffee in hand, getting gift shopping done online??

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